Qom, I.R.Iran
Qom International Hotel (Metro Inns).

The five-star Metroinns Hotel is a three hundred and fifty room hotel in Qom city, Iran. The hotel’s design focuses on the religious, economic and cultural potential of the city of Qom. The building is categorised into commercial, services and the cultural sectors. Due to the lack of suitable high-quality accommodation in the city and the location of the project near a holy shrine with religious significance, thorough initial field studies were conducted to ensure the design meets the needs of the hotel’s guests and clients. The standards required to build a five-star international hotels was also taken into account in the design of the complex. The building is the first example of a cultural, commercial and residential complex in Qom


Offices and Headquarters
Transport and Infrastructure
Health and Education
Industrial and Research
Industrial Design
Hospitality and Leisure
Mixed Use
Urban Design
Recently Completed
Under Construction

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